• Image of The March of Avernus EP

Recorded in August, 2014 at Freefall Studios by Dylan Nash (The Never Ever) of DASHproductions, The March of Avernus is the forthcoming debut EP by heavy metal band Under Night's Cover. The five track effort displays the band's technicality, dynamic and showcases a wide range of the band's influences.


I. Ambush (Intro)
II. Yesterday... When The Peace Ended
III. Shadows In The Dark
IV. Depraved
V. Euphoric Desolation
VI. Oubliette

Artwork by Thrashwolf.
Recorded and Engineered by Dylan Nash (DASHProductions) at Freefall Studios.
Mastered by Sonic Audio.

For fans of Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Nevermore.

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