Under Night's Cover is a modern heavy metal band showcasing a range of influences from the most classic, to the heaviest music that today's scene has to offer. Under Night's Cover is dedicated to bringing listeners an eclectic and intense experience through both their music and live show. 

Incepted in Sydney's Hills District in 2009, the founding members of the band, Mark Garroway, Alasdair Belling and Jacob Cummins met as friends who bonded over their love of music. Jamming in Alasdair's basement for hours on end, there was no stopping the band who had plans on releasing an EP and getting to live shows - unfortunately, very unforeseen and incorrect circumstances arose that put this on hold until late 2012. 2013 saw a resurgence of Under Night's Cover, boasting two new members, Johnny Guagliardo (vocals) and Hayden Weidner (guitar) and moving on to live shows and continuing to write new material. 

2014 allowed the band to continue their plans of getting the name Under Night's Cover out there - supporting local acts such as LORD, Harlott and Taberah, and eventually recording their debut EP 'The March of Avernus' in late 2014 which was met with warm reception from both fans and critics alike. 

2015 has seen Under Night's Cover become a local force to be reckoned with, supporting international hard rock legends Uriah Heep as well as saturating the scene with plenty of chances for Sydney to see the UNC live show. This year has been a year of writing, gigging and spreading the name Under Night's Cover, so keep your eyes peeled for this local gang of musicians as they continue to grow a respectable following in Sydney, and the whole of Australia.